Radhika’s journey

‘All of us are on a journey, whether we know it or not.’, says Louise Hay in the movie ‘You can heal your life’. I believe that is true. Life is a journey and, as Abraham-Hicks say, I take it for the joy of the journey, the experiences I have during it. It’s not so much about reaching the destination. Today, here, I want to share some of the exhilarating experiences I’ve had on this journey.

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Holistic healing is a limitless concept because it considers any being as whole and complete, with innumerable aspects that can be felt, acknowledged and described in innumerable ways. Here is a humble effort to bring together in one place, as many aspects of it as humanly possible. An ever-growing collection of all things spiritual.

Praise for Radhika

 “Radhika’s workshop was wonderful, informative and exciting! Her ability to impact information is brilliant, bringing lot of awareness and clarity to those attending her workshop. I would definitely recommend Radhika’s workshop to friends and family.”

– Lucy, Essendon, VIC, Australia